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CYF Denounces Youth Day Commemorations, Exposing Detrimental Impacts of ANC Governance on WC

The CYF firmly asserts that partaking in Youth Day celebrations amidst the current political climate would be disingenuous, given the bleak state of affairs.

Year after year, the ANC and South African government exploit the significance of Youth Day to divert attention from their own deficiencies, neglecting to bring about meaningful improvements in the lives of our youth. Tragically, our youth bear the brunt of rampant unemployment, exacerbated by a staggering exodus of investments, jobs, and talent from the country. Compounding this issue is an education system in disarray, widely regarded as one of the world's worst, rendering our youth unemployable. Consequently, the majority of our young population are trapped in poverty, without any prospects for escaping this vicious cycle. It is a disgrace that Cape Town has one of the highest murder rates globally, where countless young lives are lost senselessly to gang violence.

Once again, the ANC government seizes this occasion to propagate divisive political statements and disseminate propaganda. The CYF vehemently condemns the continuous discrediting of minority youth in the Cape, insinuating that our language, culture, and heritage are synonymous with colonialism and oppression, while casting doubt upon our rightful claim to call the Cape our home.

Moreover, the government persistently perpetuates a racial nationalist agenda in the Western Cape, unjustly excluding minority groups from accessing educational and employment opportunities in the province. Shockingly, in recent weeks, the ANC announced a series of policies that would deny hundreds of thousands of brown Western Cape residents employment opportunities.

In light of these disconcerting circumstances, the Cape Youth Front (CYF) vehemently refuses to partake in Youth Day celebrations until the ANC government genuinely demonstrates its commitment to addressing the detrimental impacts of its governance on the youth of the Western Cape. We will not accept lectures on respect from individuals who do not deserve respect.

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