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Cape Youth Front Lays Charges Against Nazier Paulsen

Nazier Paulsen’s recent tirade of violent tweets cannot go unchallenged. Not only has the EFF MP called for the execution of Cape Independence supporters, but he also called for the collection of their individual residential addresses. In a country where political violence is commonplace, Paulsen is deliberately pouring fuel on the fire. On the 14th January, Paulsen tweeted in response to a pro-Cape Independence account: “we should start finding the IP addresses of these accounts and start locating the people behind it”. Later that night, Paulsen followed this up with a tweet claiming: “I can’t wait to line up all Capexiters in front of a firing squad”. This is clear evidence of incitement to both violation of privacy, and murder. CYF President Robert Duigan says, “Nazier Paulsen has a history of inciting violence against political opponents, with him having made threats to shut down a Jewish school in Cape Town in November last year. He has been making these comments with virtual impunity. The CYF cannot allow such conduct to go unchallenged”. The CYF has consequently charged Nazier Paulsen with incitement to commit violence under Section 17 of the Riotous Assembly Act [no. 17 of 1956]. 

The CYF shall not yield in the face of those individuals and organisations who seek to destroy the people of the Cape, nor those who seek their freedom.

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