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Who we are

The CYF is a movement which aims to engage the youth in peaceful efforts to obtain self-determination for the Cape, with the recognition that the only viable, long-term option for the survival of the Cape and its people is independence.

The Cape's youth have problems

In the Cape today, we are faced by many great challenges that threaten every aspect of our lives.

Youth unemployment that is among the worst in the world.

Worsening poverty that a majority of our young people are being forced to spend a lifetime in.

A murder rate that is killing young people in their hundreds each year.

Cape culture under threat from the national government's desire to destroy Afrikaans.


Ultimately, all these problems can be brought back to one simple problem:

We do not have control.

Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

Our solutions to Save the Cape


The Western Cape Parliament has the power to pass a motion or legislation declaring the people of the Western Cape as “a people” under international law. This will entitle us to the right to greater autonomy within South Africa, and failing that, full independence as a sovereign state.


Pass legislation at the national and provincial level that will enable the Western Cape Premier to exercise his constitutional right to call referenda. While referenda on independence and autonomy are the key first step, they need to form part of future decision making in the province.

Scrap BEE

Black Elite Enrichment (BEE) has been a disastrous government policy, for South Africa in general, but in particular for the people of the Cape. The CYF believes in its complete and total repeal and replacement with non-racial policies that genuinely help those who are economically disadvantaged, not well connected, corrupt political elites.

Secure Borders

Immigration is a key aspect of our history and has played a critical role in forming the modern identity of the Cape, however for immigration to be successful it needs to be legal and beneficial to the existing people of the Cape. The CYF believes in a Cape with strong, protected borders and controlled immigration.

Natural Resources

The Cape is gifted with an abundance of national resources, such as the rare earth minerals of the Karoo and the abundance of marine produce from our West Coast. The CYF believes that the these resources and the industries that emerge from them must be used to benefit the people of the Cape and develop our land, not squandered by corrupt elites in the rest of the country.


As every single government institution collapses and South Africa hurtles towards becoming a Zimbabwe-style failed state, the CYF believes it is vital for the people of the Cape to take control of their communities and become self-sufficient and resilient. This includes, but is not limited to, areas such as electricity generation and security.

Digital Democracy

The CYF supports the creation of systems, especially digital, that engage young people in our democracy.


The CYF believes that the Western Cape government must take control over policing in the Cape and ensure that the police staff consists of local Cape citizens. This will create jobs for the youth of the Cape and remove the sense of fear that too many of our citizens feel on a daily basis.


The CYF believes that in the absence of a functioning national police force, the necessity for a streamlined firearms licensing and registration process is vital for the security of our people. The CYF believes that the right to use legal firearms should be allowed in self defense situations and the definition of self defense should be expanded to include defense of property.


The CYF vows to protect the Afrikaans language, the language of the majority of the people of the Cape, and opposes any and all efforts to purge the language from Cape institutions and heritage sites.

First Nations

The CYF supports the teaching and promotion of indigenous cultures, in order to enable the people of the Cape to have an improved understanding of their heritage.


Across the Cape, heritage sites are in a state of total disrepair and collapse. Without a respect for the past, we are in a weak position for facing the future. The CYF believes that our heritage sites need to be protected, in order to preserve our cultural identity, while at the same time, creating jobs in our vital tourism sector.

Cape Town City Center

Our Strategy to Save the Cape


We aim to develop an extensive branch structure from the movement across the Cape. This will start with a focus on university campuses and collaborating with the existing youth branches of other ally organisations, and will be followed by the establishment of branches in suburbs, towns and rural municipalities across the Cape.

Social Media

We aim to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter etc. to raise awareness of our organisation and the Cape independence cause. We also hope to promote our cause in more traditional news outlets as well.​

Publicity Stunts

We aim to utilise publicity stunts to excite the youth about Cape independence and to increase discussion about the movement.

Political Pressure

Build public pressure on politicians and political parties to adopt policies and positions that are in line with our values.

Political parties

We aim to use our movement to assist political parties which share our values.

SRC elections

We hope to stand and endorse candidates for SRC elections in Western Cape that support our values and are prepared to fight racial nationalist extremism from infecting our campuses.​

Join the movement.

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